Please note! Registrations starting January 15th 2024.


The S-FEST is an exclusive event for Nissan S-Chassis models only!


Other cars, like R-Chassis or other japanese cars from the 70s/80s/90s will be welcome as an exception to the rule also, but still, this is an event for S12, S13, S14 and S15 models. That´s why there´ll be a more strict limitation of other models and a spatially divided parking area.





You just need to register, if you want to enter the event venue with your car!


Therefore, we charge 25,00 € as a stand fee.



Other participants/attendants don´t need to register.


Please note: A registration is possible for invited guests only!


You´ll receive an invitation via eMail, via Whatsapp, if you´re invited to the S-FEST facebook event or in person. When invited, you´ll receive a link, where you can order the amount of tickets you need. After your payment, the registration is finished.


If you haven´t received an invitation yet, you have the chance to make an application by yourself. Just drop us an eMail:

Included in this eMail should be pictures and specs of your S-Chassis. If your application is accepted, you´ll receive an invitation on the same way mentioned above.