S-FEST will be back again...

May 19th 2024



FahrWerk / 64846 Groß-Zimmern

 What is S-FEST all about?


An exclusive meeting for friends of the NISSAN-S-Chassis models S12 / S13 / S14 / S15.
Participating with your own car is only possible upon invitation.

Criterias for being invited are Style, Wheels and Lowness of your car.

You haven't been invited yet? Just send your application or your suggestion to info@s-fest.de

Price for one ticket (= one car) on 19th of May is 25 Euros (not refundable).

For visitors (free parking is possible outside the S-FEST premises) the entry is free.

All you need to know about the hot Style-Award, the wild Time_Attack, den chilled stays for overnight and the registration just check the links.


  S-FEST 24- Style all day